Lay Speaking Ministries

LEADING:  Lay speakers combine words and actions in leadership roles within their churches and communities.  

CARING:  As lay speakers combine words with deeds, they find ways to care for others.  Some are involved in crisis ministries, such as visiting grieving families.  Lay speakers share a ministry of caring one-on-one with people in times of need and in times of joy, and show their faith by responding to others with care--giving love and service.

COMMUNICATING:  Both the Bible and Christian experience point to the importance of proclaiming God's transforming love for a broken world.  Lay speakers often fill pulpits, lead Bible studies, or speak in youth and children's groups, healthcare centers, retirement centers, prison ministries, and more.  Some lay speakers fulfill a prophetic role by speaking out on behalf of the poor and the oppressed.  

Within the Dallas-Denton District, lay speakers are actively seeking new ways for our members to serve, teach and speak about the love of God.  We serve within our own churches, and anywhere in our community where a need exists.  


Ministries:  Speaking

Lay Speakers speak.  Not just preaching, but to give witness to all the world of the love of Christ.

Two of the most important speaking ministries we support outside of our local churches are:

Ministries:  Teaching

Lay Speakers teach.  We conduct training classes for our Lay Speakers to expand their skills and enrich their own knowledge.  

The Dallas-Denton District Lay Speakers have developed several courses which can be brought to your church or organization.  If you are interested in one of these courses, please contact the person indicated, or one of our officers.  We develop these courses in conjunction with our renewal events, and present the course first with our own members.  Then, when the outline is developed, it can be offered to churches which may have an interest.  The courses we have developed thus far include:

PEACE ---A Christian's Response to a Violent World

Christian Education


Ministries:  Service

Lay Speakers serve where needed in their home church or in other places where the need exists.  Some Lay Speakers have mentioned gifts of singing or other music, working with youth, or other gifts.  If you have a need, contact one of our officers.  We will go through our members to see if we can find someone with the gifts needed, and the available time to help.

There is one potential ministry which would almost certainly be well received and would go nicely with the nursing home speaking ministry (mentioned above).  There are a great number of elderly in these homes whose eyes would not permit them to read their bible.  A reading ministry to sit and read a chapter or so to elderly residents would be a true blessing.  

One of the three corners of Lay Speaking Ministry is Caring.  Prayer and thought will bring to mind many opportunities to serve.  Contact us with your needs and/or your ideas.